Building the Most Efficient Data Center in the World

​After a worldwide search, the team at Down Under Geosolutions landed on Skybox Datacenters in Houston, Texas to site the most efficient data center in the world.

“We knew it was possible to make an efficient data center, but the most efficient in the world was a considerable aspiration," said Rob Morris, Skybox Datacenters CEO, “not to mention doing so in nine months from first meeting to commissioning."

But the Houston location came to be an obvious choice for the DUG team. Considering the low cost and accessibility of power along with mutual excitement over using a full immersion cooling method, DUG was ready to partner with Skybox to make their high compute dreams come true.

Matthew Lamont, DUG Founder and Managing Director, was confident in "the combination of the beautiful Skybox facility together with our green engineering" to make Skybox Houston the home for DUG's data center.

Every alarm that goes off, every newsfeed scroll and every email reply has an effect on our environment. Skybox is focused on creating the opportunity for every data center site to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.